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Ketchikan HotShots & Enforcement Officer
By Sharon Fraley


October 28, 2005

My hat is off yet again to Jerry Cegelske, KGB Code Enforcement Officer, for his seemingly tireless efforts of fighting for the environmental preservation of our home. Public awareness and action towards the way in which some choose to destroy this land without a second thought, is detrimental to the equation.

I would also like to add my personal support for the Ketchikan HotShots Paintball League. They're a very responsible group of youth attempting to find their entertainment in ways besides alcohol, vandalism, or other popular choices.

They meet every Wednesday at SharJo's Sunny Side Up Restaurant (1630 Tongass) from 7 - 8 PM and welcome anyone interested. I do know they are seeking funds for their project, and I think this is an excellent opportunity for the community to show their support and appreciation for a fine group of youth pursuing something in a positive and responsible manner.

Sharon Fraley
Ward Cove, AK - USA




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