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Garbage disposal?
By Mike Studley


October 28, 2005

I read the comment on getting rid of garbage. What does it cost to dispose of garbage and what is the wholesale electric price? I have a process that separates inorganic (metals and bottles) then feeds organic with included water to a remediator that generates carbon and gas that then produces electricity.

Each of our typical machines will process 100 tpd; we would design a smaller machine for Alaska - Fairbanks and Anchorage could use the big one. 100 tpd of MSW will yield about 3 megaWatts of electricity.

Who is responsible for the disposal of MSW statewide?

I would imagine that the colder parts of the state have a problem in mid-winter.


Mike Studley
E-mail: mpstudley[AT]
Orlando, FL - USA




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