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Dock debate
By Jay Jones


October 28, 2005

As I read the various letters debating semantics concerning dock construction, expansion, improvment, whatever, I have to ask this question to anybody who can answer it: Under what legal controlling authority does the City have the right to control the cruiseship or any other docks? Councilperson West says it is her "understanding" that the "assessments" can be spent on anything remotely connected to passengers. Quote us law, Ms. West.

And please quit using political euphimisms for the word "tax". If you are going to shakedown the Cruise Lines and the the passengers before they get to the docks then call it what it is. Maybe we could charge them an exit "assessment". Nobody leaves unil they cough up more dough.

And to those who are angered that visits are being reduced or moved to Rupert, it is a well known axiom that if you tax something, you discourage it. In reality, if private enterprise had been allowed to construct the docks and own the exisiting ones, we would not be having this debate now and next year will have been a record-breaker.

I recall a past study predicting tourism would double in the next ten years. Thy should have added "unless local government screws it up".

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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