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We can't allow more bungling...
By Patrick Jirschele


October 24, 2005
Monday PM

Let's just put a banner up on the Borough office building that say's "PLEASE SUE US BECAUSE WE ARE REALLY, REALLY STUPID."
That is what we should do if we follow Assemblymember Thompson's recommendation to accept the Schoenbar building and occupy it. In his October 21st letter he cherry picked sentences from the CDC web site to justify his point.
I suggest everyone go to the CDC web page titled "Protect yourself from Mold". Then go to the Q&A page on mold. Read the whole thing and check out the last couple of paragraphs. This seems to be where the CDC quotes were mined. While you are educating yourself, read the statement to the U.S. House of Representatives by Stephen C. Redd, M.D...
Call it Junk science, incomplete science or politics as usual. If you do a "mold litigation" Google search, you will get over 58,000 hits. You'll find everything from how to sue to how to protect yourself from a multi-million dollar suit. If the Borough puts students in the Schoenbar building, every allergic reaction, sniffle, and asthma attack will be blamed on the building. Like it or not, if those students are knowingly exposed to the mold in that building, the possibility of millions of dollars in litigation is very real.
As far as knowingly accepting a building that has "serious water infiltration to the building's roof and cladding", and then pursuing the repairs under warranty, that is just nuts. If you don't believe me just ask the City. They are pursuing reimbursement for repairs to the hospital with the same general contractor.
The time to deal with this problem was over a year ago. I suggest hiring an outside expert to extricate us from this debacle. We can't allow more Borough bungling to cost more taxpayer treasure.
Patrick Jirschele
Pennock Island, AK - USA


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