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Mission Possible
By Gary Ridenour


October 24, 2005
Monday PM

I am a Viet Nam vet. so I know first hand how it feels to come home in defeat. I have always supported our military and for obvious reason. Those who demand we pull out do not understand what's really at stake here. This author and I and millions of vets do.

The president in front of the nation declared a war on terrorism and told them this could be a long fight. I believe it will. But if we free Iraq from murder and oppression the morale of the Islamic terrorists will take a serious blow.

All we here at home is the negative side of this war. I receive emails from vets in Iraq via a Nam vet friend of mine who now lives overseas. He has access to our men and women fighting there. Their mails show a different picture.

Americans are now spoiled by having it done now - no waiting. They think this war should have been over a long time ago. It would, if the corrupt UN had done its job. World security has always been America's job. Seems our so-called allies prefer to "sit this one out".

We must stay and see it finished. Otherwise it will be Vietnam 2.


Gary Ridenour


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