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Dock development
By Thomas Ferry


October 23, 2005

The voters turned down a seventy million dollar bond recently for quite a few reasons. The number one reason that I can gather was there were no specifics and the cost was very scary. The bond included the new dock to be built north of the tunnel.

It is my understanding that this dock development will now be a private affair. Is Don Hoff Jr. and gang against a private dock? Ketchikan has received one hundred thousand dollars of state money slated for the promenade and more is on the way. State ports and harbors money is also being sought to help with the city float rehab. City float is the most neglected harbor in Ketchikan and new expanded parking for city float will be included in the overall plan. Who is against fixing up city float?

Some people against the future of Ketchikan wrote into Sitnews proclaiming "No means No". Well no to me means we do not want another seventy million dollar bond. THERE WILL BE NO SEVENTY MILLION DOLLAR BOND.

So now could the anti-development crowd please be more specific. What is it you are against? Downtown infrastructure development? Are you against the current downtown dock rehab going on as you read this? Are you against public restrooms for the tourists? Are you against widening sidewalks, putting in underground utilities, and generally painting and sprucing up the community?

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated as to how this new phase of community development can be achieved. Everyone's ideas are important?

Thank you,

Thomas Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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