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By Rob Sanderson Jr.


October 21, 2005

Once again we are faced with the possibility of spraying on Long Island. Long Island Trust has applied to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation(DEC) for a permit to apply pesticides. Written comments must be submitted to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation pesticide program on or before Oct 31,2005.

Attn: Sandra Woods
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage,AK 99501
FAX:(907) 269-7600
DEC (907)269-7802

The DEC denied KIC's request for a public hearing on Long Island. The DEC says Ketchikan is too far from the project's site. They aren't taking into account the cultural and spiritual connection that links the people to that land. For thousands of years Long Island has been connected to the Tlinget and Haida tribes in this area.

Surely their must be another way of dealing with Alder Trees on Long Island without poisoning the land. I am strongly seeking public participation on this issue. I'm calling on the fishing and seafood industries to speak out against the issue. As we all know the Wild Alaskan Salmon industry has declined. If spraying is permitted the seafood industry will definetly be dealt another hard hit. The market is already declined and this will only hurt our fishing industry more. Federally recognized tribes need to intervene and help stop this hideous plan from being implemented. Munincipalities need to step in and village corporations need to step in and speak in opposition to this travisty.

If this permit is issued here it can be issued anywhere in the state. To the members of Klukwan Inc. I urge you to reconsider this horrible plan. Their must be another way. I ask you to think if this is what you really want. The consequences of spraying poisonous chemicals such as imazapyr and glyphosate will have far reaching negative effects for future generations. Spraying during the summer months is when most wild animals feed heavily on the resources supplied by mother nature. These poisons will work their way through the food chain. Our ancestors couldn't conceive of such a plan. We were tought to respect the land,water,and air and our subsistence way of life. KIC will be holding a press conference on Monday October24th at KIC's 5th floor council chambers at 1:30 concerning spraying on. Long Island and the state of Alaska. Tribal and city leaders from other areas are encouraged to attend and speak against this plan.


Rob Sanderson Jr.
KIC Tribal Council Member
Culture/Subsistence Chair
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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