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No Democracy, Just Dictators
By Don Hoff Jr.


October 21, 2005
Friday AM

Ketchikan voters turned down a $70 million bond package for the city's port expansion in August. Still the City Council unanimously agreed to reallocate $645,235 of a $2.5 million design contract with Anchorage-based PND for port or dock expansion project. Someone needs to step up and sue the City of Ketchikan. It's your money!

The widespread perception is that the vote failed and we said we're going to do it anyway. It is elected officials' responsibility to listen to the citizens that voted down the $70 million dollar bond package.

The tourism industry is going to be fine and take care themselves. The number one reason visitors come to Ketchikan is Alaskan Native culture. The second reason visitors come is to see totem poles.

The perception is that the City Council is looking like dictators, going against the will of the people. I believe the cruise ship industry is bluffing anyway and trying to get something for nothing by threatening to by-pass Ketchikan. I say let them.

In closing, Ketchikan City Council needs to stop the dock expansion project and quit wasting everybody s time and the taxpayer's money. This is my opinion.

Don Hoff Jr. aka Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA




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