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Bridge to Gravina
By Bob Allen


October 21, 2005
Friday AM

They say twice a baby, once a man. It appears that Senator Stevens is now there. How many times in the last year have I seen Stevens threaten to quit, to be upset? Let's see, in April there was ANWAR, and now there is the bridge. There are others.

Senator Stevens, you may make those you are in office with feel bad for you, but maybe if you feel so strong about is time! Stop your babying, you are becomming an embarrassment.

And... Readers Digest just released their November edition and there is a commentary named: Fleeced! Your Money for this? by Dale Van Atta.

"Bridge to Nowhere.

This year, in the small fishing village (and cruise ship stop)of Ketchikan, Alaska, Rep Don Young, the states only U.S. Congressman since 1973, vacuumedup nearly half a billion dollars for new Alaskan bridges that will serve just several thousand people.

With in the huge 6 year 286.5 billion dollar highway bill that President Bush signed in August, Young procured some 454 million. He can do that because he is the chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and because he apparently doesn't care that he is robbing U.S. Taxpayers to pay for unnecessary projects.

One of the bridges being constructed is a 223 million ediface that will connect Ketchikan (pop 14000) to Gravina Island (pop. 50). But this bridge isn't just a simple connective link; it is an architectural feat rivaling some of America's most renowned bridges. The Ketchikan Gravina bridge is designed to be slightly shorter then the Golden Gate Bridge, and fully 200 feet above the water at its ape (the better for cruiseships to pass underneath).

The preposterous "need" for the bridge is that the airport serving Ketchikan is situated on Gravina. However, residents have easily crossed the Tongass Narrows in a mere seven minutes by ferry for more then 3 decades. Not only is the ferry quick and cost effective, it connects resident to an airport with fewer then 10 commercial flights per day.

In the annals of odious oinkmanship, Young has earned a special place in HOG HEAVEN. The Republican Congressman has even went so far as to name the bill in honor of his wife and include a provision that one of the bridges be names "Don Young Way." Young is so unrepentant that he actually bragged about the bill and his procurement prowess "I stuffed it like a turkey.""

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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