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When you get that urge to express yourself inappropriately...
By Susan Bachant


October 15, 2005
Saturday PM

Since when did a person's rights include being rude and inconsiderate of others?  Why is it that a person's right to be offensive is more important than another person's right to not be offended?   I want to wear a socially unacceptable T-shirt, so everyone must put up with it because it is MY RIGHT.  I want to stand in a room full of people and puff on my cigarette filling others lungs with unwanted smoke because it is MY RIGHT.  I want to blurt out profanity in front of others in public because it is MY RIGHT.   Well what about MY RIGHT to not have to look at your unacceptable clothing, not have to see parts of your body I don't want to see, not have to breathe in your second hand smoke, and not have to hear the trash that comes out of your mouth.  I have rights too, and since when did my rights become less important than yours.
The fathers of our country did not intend for people to take their rights to such extremes.  They took risk and fought hard so that we could voice our opinion without having fear of being thrown in jail for doing such.  I am sure they would be rolling over in their graves if they could see the extremes people are taking their rights to.
If you want to be socially unacceptable in your own home then please feel free to do so.  Scream at the top of your lungs, puff on that cigar, and let it ALL hang out.  If you want to do it out in public, then think about the fact that you are not the only person out there who has rights.  Also remember that businesses, planes, trains, and other people's homes are areas where people with rights have the ability to toss you out on your ear when you get that urge to express yourself inappropriately.

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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