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Prince Rupert Project
By Randy Williams


October 15, 2005
Saturday PM

I want to thank Michael Round for his informative expose on the Prince Rupert project. There are so many possibilities for business development with this issue that it would be remiss not to take advantage of them while the opportunity presents itself. I ask the community to look towards a future that allows for controlled growth and perhaps bringing some form of industry back to Ketchikan. When the pulp mill closed how many good residents did we lose, how many of our kids went to school and may not return because we cannot offer them jobs?

It is time for Ketchikan to look towards a changing future where it can retain it's small town flavor and distinct characteristics but sees the potential growth that will insure the communities life for future generations.

I can remember running down to the docks and getting money from my uncles when the fishing boats were in, I can remember fishing on Noise Island when we fished for more than 12 hours. Unfortunately none of my children or nieces or nephews fish anymore. We were once a big fishing family out of Klawock but things have changed. I regret that my children will not know this life but things change. I remember climbing Deer Mountain before there were houses up there and a developed hiking trail, but things change, I remember picking berries with my cousins and Aunts and my Aunt making a delicious blueberry pie, but things change. I remember when the paved road ended at Alder Park and Carlana was where you bought fireworks for the 4th of July, Ahh but things change. I remember selling halibut cheeks to the old Beanery Restaurant for money to go to the Revilla Theater, how things change. I remember Neil Gray on the Radio and having TV sign off at 12:00 at night, things change.

It is time for a newer Ketchikan, it may not be the one I remember but it will be one that my children can remember and their memories will be different but just as good of a Ketchikan that will change with every generation whether we want it to or not.

Don Hoff, I still think the bridge is a good idea and I trust the Native leadership to see that your issues are addressed.

Randy Williams
Covington, WA - USA


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