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Be Bold
By Bill Thomas Sr.


October 15, 2005
Saturday PM

Dear Sitnews,

I am encouraged by the various frustrations so eloquently and well thought out that are being expressed in this forum by readers of SitNews. This is appropriate for many expressions. Others would be more appropriately addressed by presenting their concern to the people they want to reach in a more direct manner. The more direct manner I mention is at a forum that gathers the persons you specifically want to hear your concerns. The issues published in SitNews is a super substitute. But I have a feeling more supporting results would be reached by directing your issues to the source that has the responsibility of responding to you.

Open letters are normally effective to the point of personal satisfaction by expressing ones self. I don't mean to discourage expressing yourself, it is the only way people will be aware of your thoughts and everyone's thought and opinions have value and deserve respect. Be bold and go to the source of any fester.

Thank you,

Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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