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Freedom of Speech!
By Timothy Droke


October 13, 2005
Thursday PM

It is really interesting when you read a lot of the comments regarding the Southwest passenger, one letter says because there is a war going on we shouldn't worry about children being exposed to obscene shirts, another justifies it by saying Bush should be "able to take the heat" or it is justified since there are "worse" things that our children are exposed too.

These people fail to understand the First Amendment, you cannot run into a crowded theater and yell "fire!" you cannot walk up to someone and threaten to kill them, is my freedom of speech violated if I am prosecuted for doing one of these things? No! If I am a teacher in a grade school and repeatedly speak in an obscene manner and am fired are my rights to free speech violated? No! Can I post a billboard with pornographic images in downtown Ketchikan? Would my "freedom of expression" be violated by being prevented from doing this? No!

The First Amendment addresses the Governments ability to restrict your right to speech (among other issues with speech, freedom of press, critical comments about government etc..). You have a right to say a lot of things but we also have a right to not be exposed to many things and these are evident in obscenity laws which have passed constitutional muster.

Southwest did the right thing since they also have the "right" to refuse service to whomever they choose. The real point for most people though is, why? Where has the decency and respect for someone's child or others gone? Kudos to Southwest they will have my business!

Timothy Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA




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