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Just live with it!
By Tom Carlin


October 11, 2005
Tuesday PM

Why does everyone give President Bush a hard time??? He at least had the guts unlike many other Americans to run for presidency. He is also doing a damn good job in my book (He got re-elected for a second term).

How many people could declare war and fight it with minimal casualties? He declared war because terrorists bombed the World Trade Center and he wanted to get rid of all the terrorists in the Middle East. Wouldn't you do the same if you were president??? Or would you just act like nothing happened and tell them not to do it again or they will be in trouble.

He is president so just live with it. I'm sick of people saying how terrible he is, he is the president and how can we be one nation if half of the nation dosn't support anything he does, and how can people over in Iraq fight a war with half the country protesting it and not giving our troops any support? So just live with it! He was put in a tough situation and is doing a great job. I don't think anyone else could do much better put in a situation like that. So just accept that he is our president and stop whinning!!!!

Tom Carlin
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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