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Anti-Bush T-shirt Hits No-fly Zone
By Morgan Doubleday


October 10, 2005
Monday PM

The fact that this woman can wear this T-shirt or that this T-shirt was sold in this country proves that this is one of the greatest countries in the world. Shame on those who would try to censor our freedoms. I hope this woman sues SW Airlines for a bundle.

Bush, no great leader of anything, is far above this petty crap that passes for an issue. I'm beginning to think I've misjudged his absolute power just the same. The point is freedom of speech makes this country great and myself proud to be a part of it.

Snap out of it! The US and its president are not that FRAGILE. Bush can take the heat and needs to. The world looks to us, be real and show No fear. We are Americans.

Morgan Doubleday
Sitka, AK - USA



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