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Maybe we should play the "Kurd card"?
By Mark Neckameyer


October 10, 2005
Monday PM

I am a dyed in the wool Republican and I vote straight ticket  GOP, never missing an opportunity to vote.  I am a fan of George W. Bush .. and his father, the former President and his mother Barbara and his brother, the Governor of Florida.  I supported both wars with Iraq and I don't blame George W. for the terrorist idiots in Iraq who have turned into murderous Kamikazes instead of allowing us to give them billions of our dollars rebuilding their country as we did with Japan and Germany after WW2. 
With the 20/20 vision of hind sight I am ready to say that the strategy of rebuilding Iraq and giving them our tax dollars was a mistake.  Who could have known?  We probably should have just bombed their cities and military bases strategically as in Hiroshima and then warned them not to do anything bad in the future or we would bomb them again.  We still have one chip we might be able to play, the Kurd card.  The Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without a nation to call their own.  Their language is linguistically related to the language of Iran but they are Sunnis religiously unlike the majority in Iran who are Shiites.  Since the creation of the modern state of Iraq, the history of Iraqi Kurdistan has been one of underdevelopment, political and cultural repression, destruction, ethnic cleansing and genocide.  Remember when Sadaam wiped out that town with poison gas?  Those people were Kurds.
The Kurds were supposed to get a land of their own when the Ottoman Empire broke up after WW1 but they didn't get one.  Half the Kurds live in Turkey and if the Iraqi Kurds split from the rest of Iraq, one worry is that there would be a strong movement to allow their cousins in Turkey to join with them.  As Turkey is in NATO and is an ally of ours we have joined in forcing the Kurds to stay part of Iraq.   One thing the Kurds do have going for themselves is that most of the best oil fields in Iraq are in the Kurdish region.  Why don't we give an ultimatum to the suicide bomb happy Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq promising them that if they don't stop the killing, implement a reasonable constitution and let our troops come home by say January, 1, 2006, we will help the Kurds set up their own nation and keep all their oil in reparations for the evil the rest of Iraq has done to them in recent years?  The Kurds don't give us any trouble.  Give the Turks a few billion dollars and maybe they will go along with the plan.  That is probably a lot cheaper than what we are doing now.  We have to do something radical ... soon!
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California - USA



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