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By Diana Chaudhary


October 10, 2005
Monday PM

I heard the news that Schoenbar will not re-open on October 17th as planned because of mold and water damage to the Music Room and Science Wing.

Well, I would certainly like to know how this was missed after all the inspections that have been done on that building??? Obviously there was poor workmanship involved, but it sure sounds to me like the Borough Management has majorly dropped the ball. Why wasn't the contractor forced to re-do the windows AT THE TIME when Mr. Boyd (the Borough's man at Schoenbar) first noticed the faulty workmanship? I would think that if "you could see daylight between the windows and frames" that would be grounds for requiring the contractor to correct the problem.

Why did the Borough wait until the Temporary Occupancy Permit was granted and the School District was moving in to check the windows and the roof? Isn't that a little late to be suddenly checking for structural damage?

And the education of our children continues to suffer as we "make do" at the Plaza while the Borough continues to mismanage this project.

Diana Chaudhary
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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