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Naming public facilities
By Samuel Bergeron


October 08, 2005

The concept of naming public facilities such as: airports, schools and bridges and the like after notable Alaskans has merit. Naming our new elementary school Fawn Mountain has absolutely no appeal to me and forgoes the opportunity to acknowledge some great Alaskans who have made an impact on all of our lives.

I believe that renaming a public facility after a politician who is still in office is wrong because it endorses that candidate at the expense of all of us, irregardless if we support that party or candidate. The naming of public facilities should be done with that consideration in mind.

When we name our buildings and schools after great, historical, noteworthy people, it grounds us in remembrance of who those people were and what their values were. Some of us may conclude that the troubles we face today are because we have forgotten the values and ethics of those great leaders, educators and heroes who came before us.

Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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