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Consolidation - Annexation
By Stephen Smeltzer


October 07, 2005
Friday PM

Concerning consolidation and annexation, come on Donnie, give it up. I moved to Juneau to get away from Ketchikan's two city governments, and the out-of -ontrol tourism. (That and a better job.)

Juneau has what's called a City Boro, which works for the folks here. Let the City of Ketchikan and the Gateway Borough get together, but leave out the annexation of Hyder and Meyers Chuck. Those folks don't want any part of Ketchikan anyway. That's why they live there. Kind of like the folks who live on Pennock. No Don, keep up your tirade against the boondoggle bridge to nowhere. I've been fighting against that bridge for the last 25 years. Would like to hear what you think of them renaming the airport for Don Young.

Dave Hanger was right on in his lettter about taking the town back. Good to see you got rid of Salazar, although I don't know why you kept Marti West. Seems to me she was pro-tourism. Just my opinion.

If you had listened to me 5 years ago and implemented the $5 head tax sooner, you wouldn't have to beg the taxpayers to build your $70M dock. The cost of tourist facilities in Juneau doesn't come out of the taxpayers' pockets.

I don't have anything holding me to Ketchikan anymore, except my folks, so Don and Hanger, keep those cards and letters coming.

Stephen Smeltzer
Juneau, AK - USA




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