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Name the bridge after Don Young
By Patrick Jirschele


October 07, 2005
Friday PM

The Borough wants to name the airport after Don Young. That is just wrong. The bridge should be named for him. After all it is his legacy. He is the one who stuck his neck out and received the Golden Fleece Award. He is the one who has gotten all the bad press and has been the brunt of bad jokes. Even Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show, made fun of his beard.
We are the gateway to Alaska and the bridge will be one of the first structures that will be seen when arriving. Because of it's clearance it will be in the class of great bridges such
as Lion's Gate in Vancouver, West Gate in Melbourne, Hell Gate in New York, and of course Golden Gate in San Francisco.
I propose the new bridge be named Don Young Gate.   
Patrick Jirschele
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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