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Bridges in Alaska
By Don Hoff Jr.


October 07, 2005
Friday PM

Rep. Don Young stated, "The community (Ketchikan, Alaska) is accessible only by air and sea and has run out of land." I agree with some of that statement but there are plenty of other communities in Alaska that are only accessible by air and sea today with bridges in their communities such as; Juneau/Douglas, Sitka/Mt. Edgecombe, and Kodiak, Alaska. I disagree that Revillagigedo Island (where Ketchikan is located) is running out of land to expand. Ketchikan can expand economic growth to the North and South of town.

These bridges in Alaska were built at the right time and were affordable then. America is going through trying times and challenges - the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims, Oil crisis and National Debt. We need to take care of Americans first in the South that were hit by Hurricane Katrina and Rita and it is going to take a lot of money.

I disagree with Jack Shay and Glen Thompson (Borough Assembly members) that say, We consider it a bridge to the future. This proposed bridge to Gravina Island VIA Pennock Island is coming at the wrong time and the wrong place. This proposed bridge is too expensive to build now or in the future.

In closing, sorry we or I can not afford Don Young or the few opulent people in Ketchikan that want a bridge to another island that 15 families live on and the high risk land speculation to federal tax payers' expense. What Rep. Don Young and all Americans need to give up are pork barrel funding in their states from the Transportation Bill to help Americans in need first. This is my own opinion shared by others.

Don Hoff Jr. AKA Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanaax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA



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