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What to do with $9 million
By Robert McRoberts


October 05, 2005

A long time ago when we first got this disaster money I thought it should have been used to fix problem areas in our community, thus making it more enjoyable to live here. We could have put it forward with other grant money to develop better sewers for most rural areas that are polluting their neighbors' yards and so on. Now there is not enough to get started on such a large undertaking. You all don't seem to care where the sewers go or it would be getting done.
So what do we do? Let's pay off all bonds on our fire departments and new emergency gear we were forced to form costing every borough resident and get that off our tax rolls. If there was any left over let's put in a public rest room at the air port ferry terminal on the town side and a front on the shelter there to stop us from getting wet while waiting for our rides. Which gets me to one other thing we could do with the money. Build bus shelters for the busses - both school buses and borough buses could use shelters to improve bus rider ship. The higher gas gets, the more people will ride the bus. But of course we have to keep the bus fair at a buck.
My I can not believe we can not come up with a better way of commuting - we all need our own cars. We don't mind buying gas at high prices. Almost every kid in Kayhi must have their own car. Downtown you have the ones who go out every two hours to move their cars. But they all have their reasons for not just riding the bus. This is definitely the most dangerous town in the world to ride a bike in. Even if you're on the shoulder there are big holes waiting to take you out just like the one across from Anderes Oil... it's a killer. Some one should really fix that one.
So let's do something we all will benefit from and making it less costly to live here would be nice.

Have a Nice Day. 

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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