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By Bill Thomas Sr.


October 05, 2005

Dear Sitnews:

Here we are once again the day following municipal elections. I congratulate each who took the time to seek office in hopes of making a positive difference. Once you're elected, much time is required to keep your mission on track. Lots of correspondence, reports, and written concerns to read, research and make the best decision you know how with what you understand from all of that. Lots of time at meeting, travel and time away from your family. It is a sacrifice.

To those that served, thank you for your diligent service to our community. To the unsuccessful candidates, congratulations for showing the courage & your willingness to do the sacrifice I just mentioned.

To the victors, congratulations to you for offering the same as others I mentioned. I wish you success in your duties to this community in whatever capacity you were elected to serve. Take a good look at the word "SERVE" and the word "COMMUNITY".

The results of the election expressed the people's choice that reside in this community. You must remember, "YOU ARE NOT THE COMMUNITY". The community voted for change and improvement on how to do business. The issues are many. Mostly economics, education, employment, capital improvement, safety, health, and transportation just to name a few.

I for one kept a hard copy of your campaign to use as a report card during your tenure and won't hesitate to redirect your course or give you a word of encouragement.

Thank you,

Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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