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Implementation of Informed Consent Legislation Underway
Material needs to be reviewed by appointed physician committee


October 25, 2004

Juneau, Alaska - The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) is moving ahead with implementation of CCS Senate Bill 30 passed by the 23rd Alaska State Legislature, which outlines requirements for DHSS to create a web site providing scientific and resource information regarding pregnancy and pregnancy alternatives.

"The Department of Health and Social Services has been drafting the required information for the web site, which will be proposed to the State Medical Board for review and approval for medical accuracy" said DHSS Public Health Director Richard Mandsager. At the State Medical Board meeting on October 21, Mandsager requested that the State Medical Board establish an advisory committee of obstetrical and gynecological specialists to review and approve the information prepared by the department for the Web site. The statute requires the State Medical Board designate such a committee to review and approve the information for medical accuracy on the Web site to ensure that the information is objective, nonjudgemental, scientific and medically accurate.

The State Medical Board has assured DHSS that the Board will solicit participation by recognized obstetrical and gynecological specialists, and is asking that any specialists interested in participating on the committee to contact the State Medical Board. The State Medical Board will select five or seven members for the committee. If specialists are interested in participating, they may contact the State Medical Board by directing mail to 550 West Seventh Avenue, Suite 1500, Anchorage, AK 99501-3567; by calling (907) 269-8163, or faxing a request to: (907) 269-8196.

In addition, DHSS is soliciting relevant materials to be considered for inclusion in the Web site. Materials for consideration should be submitted by mail to Kurt West: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, PO Box 110601, Juneau, AK 99811-0601 or e-mail to The deadline for submission is November 23, 2004. Additional, information regarding the solicitation for material can be found on the DHSS Web site: DHSS will forward all relevant information submitted to the State Medical Board for consideration by the committee.

DHSS is also drafting regulations for public comment, which will take place after the web site information has been reviewed and approved by the committee. The public will have an opportunity at that time to submit additional comments regarding the content of the Web site and the companion regulations in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.


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