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New State-of-the-Art Radar Equipment Installed


October 16, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - New state-of-the-art radar equipment has recently been installed for the Radar Observer course by the University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan.
Assistant Professor Dale Miller was available Friday to demonstrate the new equipment and gave a brief overview of the Radar Observer course. The course will offer certification and certification renewals for mariners in radar interpretation and collision avoidance.

jpg Assistant Professor Dale Miller

UAS Ketchikan Assistant Professor Dale Miller demonstrates
the new state-of-the-art radar equipment...
Photo by Carl Thompson ©2004

The Radar Observer computer lab located in the Robertson Building, consists of 5 vessel bridge stations each with an accompanying radar screen. In addition, the instructor has the ability to set up problems and scenarios in which students must work through marine hazards by reading radar and responding to demands through manipulation of the computer simulated vessel's bridge.

The computer software program, Navi Trainer, is used by many of the maritime academy's around the world. It simulates 3 different models of radar including Bridge Master 5, Furuno and Nucleus. In addition, the program simulates the handling characteristics of 10 different vessels. The choices include a patrol boat, tug boat, fast ferry, cruise ship and super tanker among others. The simulator displays the view from the bridge of a vessel. The instructor controls the weather and waves as well as the movement of several dozen target vessels for each of the bridge stations. It is the responsibility of the student to determine the priorities, maneuver the vessel to avoid collision as well as interact with other vessels as stipulated by maritime law.

Radar Observer computer lab

The Radar Observer computer lab consists of 5 vessel bridge stations each with an accompanying radar screen...
Photo by Carl Thompson ©2004

The software has the ability to simulate the lights of vessels and aids to navigation at night and then switch to daylight as well as simulate equipment failure. All these features offer valuable learning experiences for a variety of maritime courses. UAS Ketchikan has purchased charts with a variety of common bodies of water. In addition, the Long Island/Chesapeake Bay charts were purchased to be used in the Master 100 Ton/OUPV (6-Pack) course as well as other maritime courses.

According the information provided by the University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan, the U.S. Coast Guard approved the equipment this week for training and certification of captains, mates and others in the maritime industry. The first course utilizing the new equipment will be offered in November.

This newly installed state-of-the-art radar equipment is an upgrade to the previously available campus equipment

The University of Alaska S.E. Ketchikan Campus provides a wide variety of educational courses and programs to Ketchikan and the surrounding communities throughout the year. Many course offerings are available both locally and through distance avenues including web-based, audio conference, teleconference and satellite offerings. Through these offerings, students can achieve certifications, associate, bachelor and master degrees.



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