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October 15, 2004

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman and Alaska Division of Elections Director Laura Glaiser announced the status of ballot distribution and by-mail absentee ballot applications Tuesday.

Reprinted ballots have been distributed to all regional offices-on schedule. They will be available at all early voting sites, starting October 18. The next wave of absentee ballots, more than 27,000, were mailed to voters today-on schedule. The Division is processing another 10,000 absentee ballot applications and more are arriving each day. This election year will set a new record for absentee ballot requests.

The Alaska Division of Elections continues to be contacted by Alaskans concerned about absentee ballot applications that have been printed, pre-marked and distributed by political parties and candidates. The form that has caused the most concern was prepared and distributed by the Alaska Democratic Party without review or approval by the Division of Elections. Its response card is addressed to their party's mailbox, not the Division of Elections, and does not alert voters that it requests information that could be seen and used by others. This information normally is handled confidentially by the Division.

Additionally, approximately 1,000 of these applications have been altered, possibly after the voter signed and mailed them. To ensure election integrity, the Division will attempt to contact voters whose cards have been altered to confirm that the new information provided is correct.

Public Service Announcements have been created to instruct voters on how to check on the status of their absentee ballot requests. Voters my check the status of their absentee ballot application at or by calling 1-866-465-8165.

The Division of Elections will continue to process all applications timely received from qualified Alaska voters. However, if a voter gives or sends an application to another person or party the State might not receive the application by the October 26 deadline for absentee ballot requests. Click here to view a Department of Law opinion regarding by-mail ballots.

Lt. Governor Leman said, "We want each Alaska voter to be able to vote with confidence in this 2004 election."



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