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Governor Calls on University to Assist State


October 08, 2004

Fairbanks, Alaska - At a cabinet briefing on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus Wednesday, Governor Frank Murkowski urged the University of Alaska to use its research expertise to assist the state with resource development initiatives.

"I am asking you to prioritize your research to meet the needs of our state. Tailor your research to help create jobs for Alaskans," Governor Murkowski said. "The state needs UAF to be a source of expertise to stand up to those who would lock Alaska away from responsible development."

The Governor made his comments at the opening of a meeting between the Governor's cabinet and university officials. He urged the university and the state to explore further partnerships for the benefit of Alaskans.

During the briefing, cabinet members had the opportunity to talk with the university about specific research projects and other initiatives relevant to their departments.

"It is my hope that state government and the university can forge even stronger relationships, to help develop our resources and grow this state's economy," said Murkowski.

"As President Hamilton reminds us, the university is a tremendous economic engine. University research should supply a solid scientific foundation for the state to establish responsible development policies that can sustain attacks from environmental extremists," Murkowski said.


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