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David Landis for Senate
by Rick Rohlman


October 31, 2004

I am a resident of Sitka. Being a resident, I was tending toward voting for Bert Stedman. He is, after all, a "home town boy". I had reservations about David Landis chiefly because I knew nothing about him. With Bert in mind, I started to pay attention to the issues and found I agreed with David concerning important Southeast Alaskan issues.

The issue that really changed my vote was the "Percent of Market Value" (POMV) Permanent fund dividend proposal. I learned that Bert Stedman was one of the few senators that felt that capping dividend checks and allowing the rest to be accessed by the legislature was appropriate.

The dividend check (all of it) is a necessary source of income for most Alaskan families. The influx of dollars available in the fall by the permanent fund dividends are a valuable source of revenue to Southeast business, large and small.

You may feel that I am unduly mercinary concerning my income, and you may be right. I am not however, alone. The last time a question concerning attaching the permanent fund was put to the ballot, it was defeated by over 80% of Alaskan voters. I expect my representative to be aware that the vast majority of Alaskan voters want the permanent fund left "as is". Due to Senator Stedmans lack of basic knowledge concerning voter direction, I will be voting for David Landis for Senate.

Rick Rohlman
Sitka, AK - USA



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