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"Just Say No" to proposition No. 2
by Lynda Adams


October 31, 2004

Voters, be aware of Ballot Measure 2 and the many negative effects it will have on our state. This proposition is pure legalization of marijuana. It would make Alaska the only place in the world without any civil or criminal penalties for the possession, consumption, growing, or distribution (by buying, selling, giving) of marijuana. Even the Netherlands, long considered the most liberal nation in the world, has penalties for marijuana although they are rarely enforced.

Alaska should never be the "test case" for legal marijuana. This would make it totally legal for anyone 21 years of age and older to possess, cultivate, distribute or consume marijuana without any penalties whatsoever, with no potency restrictions, and the quantity for possession, use or distribution appears to be unlimited.

Ballot Measure No. 2 is funded by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) which is a pro-drug legalization group based in Washington, DC, with money donated to them by George Soros, billionaire financier from Budapest. Soros is known nationally as the Daddy Warbucks of drug legalization and he's buying his way into our State, our communities, our economy, our safe and drug-free workplaces, our treatment centers, our homes, and into the minds of our kids. As of September 30, MPP has contributed $550,000 into our state for the passage of this outrageous assault on the future of our great state.

The initiative says that marijuana will be illegal for anyone under 21; however, it also says that doctors can prescribe marijuana for all patients, INCLUDING CHILDREN. There seem to be no stated boundaries with this ballot measure.

The "Yes on 2" legalizers are proclaiming that this initiative protects patients rights, when in fact, marijuana has never been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for use as a medicine; besides the fact, that there is NO prescribed medicine that is administered by "smoking"!

They also say that this "protects our right to privacy". It doesn't protect mine. Many users drive impaired. Nationally, thirty percent of driving arrests involved marijuana, and ten to twenty percent of fatal crashes in America involved marijuana. Sixty percent of emergency room visits involve people who abuse marijuana. Marijuana use is not only costly to every taxpayer, but it infringes on the rights of every one of us.

The advocates say this makes dollars and sense. Taxation will never cover the costs of the abuse it causes society. Then they proclaim that No. 2 is beneficial because it can be regulated. When reading the actual initiative language, it says that the State or local entities "shall not be prohibited from" developing certain restrictions. That does not mean that there WILL be restrictions, only that they are not prohibited from doing so. Advocates are now saying that it will be left up to local control for municipalities to determine impairment levels, and to determine limits of use in public places. What a can of worms that will be.

Marijuana of the '60's was less than 1% THC content, the psychoactive ingredient in pot. Just a few years ago Alaska grown marijuana was tested at 29.86%. It has become a very powerful and addictive drug.

If marijuana becomes legal in Alaska, how does that take the addiction out of pot use? How do we maintain the integrity of drug free and safe workplaces and drug testing programs? How do businesses find employees to hire that are not involved in marijuana use? How does Alaska comply with Federal law? Where is the compatibility with Federal and State law enforcement around marijuana issues? What will keep Alaska from becoming a drug haven for the world as a distribution center for marijuana with no penalties?

The biggest issue is the message that legal marijuana in our state will give to our kids! What future does that provide for the health, safety, economy, education and moral well-being for all Alaskans? I say Ballot Measure No. 2 provides no future for our state. Don't allow Alaska to become a "pilot project" for the rest of the world.

"Just Say No" to proposition No. 2 when you go to the polls on November 2, and protect Alaska's future.

Lynda Adams
Past Executive Director of
Alaskans For Drug Free Youth, Statewide
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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