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Possible to Impeach a Presidential Candidate?
by Mark Neckameyer


October 30, 2004

John Kerry has spent the past week doing the same thing he did when he started his political campaigning in the early 1970s.  To gain political advantage for himself he has been disparaging our United States Armed Forces.  Just like back then, he used untrue information to do so. 
It was a convenient "October Surprise" when officials at the UN,  allies of Kerry with their own big, Oil for Money problems, leaked an old story about supposedly missing munitions in Iraq.  The story was trumpeted by Kerry supporters, principally the New York Times and CBS, the network of forged National Guard fame.  Kerry obviously believed that showing our soldiers to be helpless, hopeless, morons makes our President look bad and will help him win him the White House.  Interestingly, it was the same CBS producer who manufactured the Guard fraud who had earlier released the Abu Ghraib prison story.  That was a sad but simple military crime case, already being prosecuted by military authorities but Kerry & Co. built it up into another of Kerry's favorite theres ... that our troops are rapist, baby killers just like in Viet Nam.  They happily released purloined pictures to prove their case against our soldiers but at the same time, by whipping up Iraqi sentiments they likely caused the death of more US soldiers and probably caused some of the beheadings of civilians we have seen.
Today we learned from a U.S. Major in the Third Infantry Division, during a televised press conference, that whatever munitions were at the site of this manufactured controversy, had already been removed and destroyed by our troops.  All the ads and speeches by Kerry the past week were based on incorrect information.  All the ads and speeches by Kerry this past week were wrong and if done with any pre-knowledge of the true information were attempts to defraud the voters.  Even if the reports were true ... why the attack on our troops when they are fighting for and risking their lives for us?   Which side is Senator Kerry on?  Has he secretly been meeting with terrorists in Iraq as he did with the Viet Cong when he got his start?
Is it possible to impeach a presidential candidate?
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA



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