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RE: Clarification
by Lilian Filanis


October 30, 2004

I did not realize that Mr. Kheiry who addressed his letter from Saudi Arabia and has an Arabic sounding name was from the American Mid-West. This makes it all the better as he will be able to answer questions for us from an American viewpoint.

I would still like to know and I think many if not most Americans would like to know if the vision we get of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim lands on TV are accurate or is the news slanted?  This is one of the main reasons we participate in forums like this, right?   We want to hear from real people not just talking heads on TV, right? And by the way, I am not "bigoted" except against people, cultures and countries who deny others the freedom to lead happy lives.

It would still be very interesting to hear if the Saudi schools are really being taught to hate us, if the Saudi women are still repressed; can't drive, leave the country if they wish, etc. I would really like to hear from a Muslim with an American perspective their opinion of why the Muslim world has only dictators as leaders and why so much violence is occurring in Muslim countries. It looks from here that it is not only Palestine but the Philippines, Southern Asia, Indonesia, etc. where bombs are exploding and heads are being severed.  This is not "bigoted rhetoric" either but a sincere request for an explanation. The answer that "You know some policemen in Israel are bad." does not explain to me why Chechnyans murder children in Russia instead of protesting the way so many other groups do around the world when wronged. Nor does it explain all the kidnapping going on in so many Muslim lands.  I know about this first hand as I work for an international corporation that finds it very difficult to get insurance for business travelers to most Muslim countries because of the real possibility of kidnapping either for money or terror or both.

Can Mr Kheiry from the Mid-West who is in Saudi Arabia or maybe Leila Kheiry help us understand? 

Lilian Filanis
Fairbanks, AK



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