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Let's Put A New Alaskan Team Together
by Don Hoff Jr.


October 30, 2004

We need a new Alaskan Congressional Delegation and elect Tony Knowles to the U.S. Senate. Tony Knowles is a excellent candidate for the job in Washington D.C. Tony has plenty of political experience. Alaska is ready for change.

I have a real problem with Ms. Lisa Murkowski getting a U.S. Senate Seat handed to her by her father, now Governor Frank Murkowski. I believe a huge conflict of interest. Governor Murkowski shows no trust in the democratic process for Alaskans and United States people the right to choose. Russian Czars did this very thing. What is the difference and is this what we Alaskans want?

Mr. Bob Loescher has endorsed Ms. Murkowski as might a Republican should I guess and listed her accomplishments. Voters don't be fooled. It is my opinion, Tony Knowles would have and will work harder in Washington D.C. for more capitol improvement funding for Alaska.

Tony Knowles is a member of the Alaska Native Brotherhood Camp in Hoonah. I was there at Hoonah Grand Camp Convention some years ago. If Tony gets elected Senator, he will listen to Alaskan Native concerns and work hard to solve our Native issues.

We, as Alaska Natives need a change in our Washington Delegation in the worst way. Senator Stevens and Congressman Don Young have lost touch with real Alaskans. They are endorsing big corporate business to steal all our natural resources out of Alaska and lining their pockets. It's my opinion it is time for these folks to retire and time for positive changes.

Please vote for Tony Knowles for U.S. Senate this election.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanax adi Clan
Yei l hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA


Note: Don Hoff Jr. is the Former City Council member Ketchikan, 10 years O.S.H.A.
Boardmember, State of Alaska, member of Sealaska Corporation, Tlingit & Haida Tribes,
Alaska Native Brotherhood, Ketchikan Indian Corporation and Tongass Tribe.


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