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Re: Best Choice for the Senate
by Dave Kiffer


October 30, 2004

Dick Coose certainly has worked for Bert Stedman long enough to know whether Stedman is "decisive" enough.

But when he says that David Landis doesn't "walk the talk" and is indecisive, based on the year the two men spent on Ketchikan Borough Assembly, I must disagree.

Let's look at two specific issues. Mr. Landis was not on the Assembly when Mr. Coose and other members "decisively" spent nearly 20 million dollars in borough money to prop up a failing business in Wards Cove. No one "delay(ed)and attempt(ed) to delay" that action by "needing more information." As a result of the lack of "due diligence" the community lost out. We can only wonder what better uses that federal windfall could have been put to.

More recently, Mr. Landis voted to delay the Lewis Reef Road rather than spend borough money to go ahead. He questioned whether other sources could be found for the money. A year later, the road is being built but it is being paid for by the state and other entities. If Mr. Landis had been "decisive" in the way that Mr. Coose wanted, the borough would be on the hook for between 3 and 4 million dollars in Lewis Reef Road funding.

Can either the state or local governments still afford people who value "decisiveness" over being right?

Dave Kiffer
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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