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Cold storage debate
by Johnny Rice


October 29, 2004

While debating the details of a public cold storage, are we here in Alaska missing a real opportunity to catch the front end of the building wave of frozen growth that's obviously taking place in the market?

Ketchikan, and other coastal communities already have a cold storage in one fashion or another. This particular cold storage comes and goes in the form of 40' freezer containers on ocean going vessels.

The containers plug into locally generated 3 phase AC power, and hold the fish in a frozen state shortly after time of harvest. In those same containers Alaska fish is shipped to various ports and processed into value added products.

However, not all of the frozen fish is leaving Alaska . For related news click Keywords "Alaska Salmon" "Chicken of the Sea" Ketchikan

Perhaps what we need to do right now is nothing more complicated than finding a bigger parking lot to rent for these containers. These containers are versatile enough to support any new markets for your fish.

If the parking lot is filled with running containers 3-5 years in a row, then perhaps it would be time to pour a new foundation.

The 2005 season is only a blink away.

Food for thought.

Food very rich in omega-3 by the way....

Johnny Rice
Ward Cove, AK - USA



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