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Dawn Allen-Herron for State House
by Keith Smith and Sarajustine Black


October 28, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

We are writing as former supporters of Jack Shay's primary bid for the Republican candidacy for State House. We supported Jack because Ketchikan needs an energetic moderate voice in Juneau. Jack was our candidate because he is an extraordinary, committed and generous citizen, with a deep civic pride and an understanding of everyday Ketchikan issues like jobs and quality of life. When he talked about jobs it wasn't just about mega-dream projects and boondoggles that lined the pockets of visiting industries, but jobs for residents and opportunities for the entrepreneurs fighting for their families. Jack has always been an advocate of open government and a great listener of the needs of individual citizens.

For the very reasons we supported Jack Shay, we support the candidacy of Dawn Allen-Herron. She will be a moderate independent voice for Ketchikan in Juneau. She possesses all of Jack's strong qualities as a legislator excluding his gift for jokes and puns. She also has one quality Jack only has at heart, and that is youth. With her youth and dynamism and intelligence, Ketchikan has an opportunity to put one of our own in Juneau that the possibility of giving continuity and energy to transforming the way the State of Alaska does business, and of achieving the seniority necessary to bring home real benefits to Ketchikan, our workers and their families. Please vote for Dawn Allen-Herron for State House.


Keith Smith
Sarajustine Black
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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