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Dawn Allen-Herron for State House
by Charlotte Glover


October 28, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

This election year we have a real opportunity to elect an outstanding representative to the State House with Dawn Allen-Herron. I've known Dawn for over a decade through the KRBD Board, the Presbyterian Church and the library where she can always be counted on for a good book recommendation and a good conversation. Through the years I've seen her give 150% to the projects she is involved in. When Dawn gets an idea, she doesn't ask why or how, she says why not now and makes it happen. With her intelligence, work ethic, people skills and compassion, she will represent all of her constituents with grace, respect and good old-fashioned hard work. Dawn truly understands that this election is about the issues we all share- education, health care, jobs and the future of our state. I just wish I could be in Juneau for her first day on the job because the old guard won't know what hit them when Dawn rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.


Charlotte Glover
Ketchikan, Ak
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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