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Please turnout and vote for Lisa Murkowski
by Brian Brown


October 28, 2004

On November 2 we have a chance to return Lisa Murkowski to Washington DC to continue to serve as our Senator in what promises to be a very close election. It is important for Ketchikan to turn out in force for Lisa and help insure her election.

To send Tony Knowles to Washington as our Senator would be a dire affair. In his terms as Governor, Tony Knowles did considerable damage to the state with his reckless appointments that put environmental extremists in important positions in Juneau. Governor Knowles says the best way to open ANWR is to work across the aisle, however when he was Governor, ANWR was passed by the Republican Congress and Tony did not prevent a veto of the bill by President Clinton. Having a liberal Democrat as our senator could cause control of the Senate to swing to the Democrats. This would mean a committee chairman like Ted Kennedy, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Boxer and John Kerry and a Tom Daschle as leader. Needless to say, these people are not friendly to our interests.

Lisa Murkowski has shown that she can be an effective lawmaker and has the interests of Southeast Alaska at heart. She will not vote to increase taxes and will fight unnecessary regulation.

It is entirely likely there will be a supreme court nomination in the next term and Lisa will vote to confirm a judge appointed by President Bush. She will also be there to help the President fight the war on terror.

Please turnout and vote for Lisa Murkowski.

Brian Brown
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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