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Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate
by Ann S. Graham


October 28, 2004

The other day I was wearing my "Lisa" button and a friend commented, "I think she is doing a good job, but I don't like the way she got the job." Afterwards I pondered whether someone would really vote against Senator Murkowski just because her father thought she would represent us better than the others who threw their hats into the ring. Would any of us, if offered a job we really wanted and knew we could do well, say, "Dad, I can't accept the position because some people might not like it that you appointed me."

I have been quite amazed at what Lisa has been able to accomplish in the two short years she has been in the U.S. Senate. She has made our gas pipeline a priority and has moved it a long way towards a reality. She has worked hard for tax cuts, jobs creation, benefits to veterans, increased funding for education and state medical programs, protection for our fisheries and much more. I am very proud of the first Alaskan-born, female member of the U. S. Senate who has risen so quickly in its leadership. She has served as Deputy Whip, chairs a subcommittee of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is a member of the Veterans Affairs, Indian Affairs and Senate Environment and Public Works committees. Both Congressman Don Young and Senator Ted Stevens have expressed appreciation for Lisa's ability to step into the office so effectively and accomplish what she has so capably.

In their debate on Tuesday evening, Mr. Knowles said, instead of cutting taxes, he would create jobs. Well, we all remember the eight years he was governor when Alaska had the highest unemployment rate in the nation, our economy took a downturn when the rest of the country was booming, and our cars sported the bumper stickers, "Where's Tony?" And all that under a President of his own party.

Let's elect a Senator from Alaska who knows how to get things done and is part of a winning team. Go Lisa!

Ann S. Graham
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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