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Why David Landis?
by Rick Grams


October 27, 2004

I've known David Landis both personally and professionally for the past five years. I know and will vouch first hand about his ability to see the big picture of government and how it affects people's lives. I have watched David Landis run with a torch when he's had the world on his side, and I've watched David Landis stand firm on issues that were right for all, despite any mis-perceptions.

If you are seeking positive leadership in the Alaska state government which does not waiver; leadership that listens and considers all sides; leadership that does not cater to special interest groups or flash in the pan ideologies; leadership that believes work earns respect in contrast to being assigned into an electorial seat then David Landis is the candidate to vote for.

One issue I have not been able to identify in any other candidate is a factor that is all inclusive in the world David Landis operates within. David Landis has the ability to understand the intricate details of technology in our ever changing world. Although the subjects are rarely front page news, people in government are constantly seeking ways to tax our use of the Internet, Internet phones, Internet stores, etc. These are issues that have to be addressed not only with common sense, but with some experience and history of dealing with the subjects overall. David Landis has this kind of experience.

In fact, as a Tribal Administration official David Landis has supported the use of technology to assist in the benefit of people's lives. Due in large part to David's supportive efforts, the KIC Tribal Health Clinic is part of a collective statewide Native Health Care telemedicine network. This type of support only comes from a person with forward vision and the benefit of the people he serves in mind.

When you go out to vote this November 2, think about how your vote really does count. Prior to voting, think about your favored candidate in a real life context, and ask if you truly know their record. Even if you do know their record, do you know the reasons behind their decisions? Does your candidate subscribe to a non-partisan philosophy and placing the constituency first? By thinking critically and rationally about casting your vote, the unquestionable conclusion will be a vote for David Landis to the Alaska State Senate.

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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