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RE: Fight should not be against innocent civilians...
by Ken Lewis


October 27, 2004

Dear Jamal, I find it refreshing that you condemn the deeds of a few Muslims as you put it. I, as a free American have spent countless hours studying the Kamikaze. My need to understand that honorable warrior stems from the fact my Father was on the last naval vessel sunk by Kamikaze. I use the term honorable to describe Kamikaze because he targeted military targets, he had a symbol on his wing to associate a country to and he was fighting to the death for his people. I can respect that.

There is no doubt one willing to die can kill many. This type of efficiency must be stopped. What does a terrorist's letter read? Who were they dying for? Who were they killing for? I think America is trying to guess who wants to kill us; I think the majority of Muslims you speak of, can stop this. I'm not blaming you, but these questions burn inside of me and I want to know. You speak as if you understand something that I cannot. God bless all honorable warriors; let them show themselves, they never hide behind innocent women and children. 

"Dear Father: As death approaches, my only regret is that I have never been able to do anything good for you in my life." Those words were written by Teruo Yamaguchi, who was twenty-three years old at the time of his Kamikaze mission. He was raised in Goto Island in Kyushu, southern Japan, and graduated from Kokugakuin University in Tokyo, which was affiliated with the Shinto tradition. He died sinking the destroyer USS Callaghan off of Okinawa, the last successful Kamikaze pilot. My Father taught me to respect him.

I will not speak for others in my country, but I view people using our civilians as weapons to kill more of our citizens as an act of cowardice, I would never elevate cowards like these in the honorable classification of a Kamikaze. What country did these select Muslims represent? And if they did not represent Muslims in general or a country, why don't decent Muslims drag these bad examples down the street? Oh yes and most important, is this a Holy War that has been declared on my family? Japan taught us about efficiency of the committed, we took care of it. Kamikazes were taking out 12 US Sailors for every 1; Islamic extremists took out 3000 for 19. Turning the cheek may be determined by this Nov 2nd election. Waiting for the next suicide mission will never be my America's national past time, and that is my prediction.

The sins of my white father-card has played out in Universities across this nation, I am not ashamed. My White Father taught me different. So when you say White Separatist Church, you may want to do some fact checking on America's social advancements, let's say, from when we used to burn Witches until now. If you choose to throw colors in there, that's your hang up, or maybe you should be an overpaid Professor.

Is beating women in Soccer fields still a half time event?

Have a nice Halloween Jamal.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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