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Voters are not sheep, nor fools
by Jennifer Robinson


October 27, 2004

I cannot wait for November 3rd! Not just to see the final presidential election results, but so Mark Neckameyer will finally stop subjecting us to his anti-Kerry rhetoric. I am not a Kerry supporter by any means, but he bashes Kerry ad nauseam. It's almost as annoying as the pre-recorded political messages I hear on my answering machine at the end of each day.

His letter in response to the presidential debate (when Kerry brings up the fact that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian) was sickening at best. This is not the Jerry Springer Show.

I'd like to believe that we as voters are not sheep, nor are we fools. We can think for ourselves and form our own opinions without the need for this political propaganda.

Jennifer Robinson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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