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David Landis has my vote!
by Geri Brady Kelly


October 27, 2004

Editor, Sitnews:

I read these excerpts from an Anchorage Daily News editorial (10/25/04) with interest; I hope your readers take heed as well:

"The next week -- before legislative candidates have won your vote -- is an excellent time to demand an end to one of the Alaska Legislature's most pervasive abuses of power: closed caucus meetings."

"Doing legislative business in secret is nearly always a bad idea. Yes, there are limited exceptions when confidentiality is a good thing: Sensitive personnel matters and contract negotiations, for instance. These exceptions, however, are rarely the real reason for closed caucuses. An exception for political strategy -- the excuse most often given -- is done for the convenience of the politicians, not for the good of Alaskans."

"Closed caucuses, in a democracy, are a tacit admission of incompetence, an acknowledgment that lawmakers don't have the courage and discipline to operate in the light of day. They say to Alaska's citizens that legislators are unwilling to be held accountable for their actions, that they don't trust themselves to act responsibly in the open, that they're afraid of what voters might think if the truth were known. So they close the doors at the most critical times and go around making excuses all year for indulging the practice."

The local candidates for State Senate are MILES apart on this issue. David Landis flatly states that he won't participate in these closed meetings under any circumstances. Bert Stedman was quoted in the Ketchikan Daily News saying that participating in these meetings was the best advice he ever received!

David Landis has my vote!


Geri Brady Kelly
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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