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Bear Baiting in Alaska
by Frank Kish


October 27, 2004

The outside influences that hide behind various names are launching an all out attack against hunters, fishermen, trappers even photographers. I encourage all whether sport or professional to dissect proposition 3 regarding black bear baiting.

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance is the Alaskan version of PETA. This anti-hunting organization is spearheading an initiative against bear hunting through unfactual information, half-truths and downright lies. But bear hunting is not the real issue, the real issue is what they term "bloodsport". It is an inroad to divide and conquer sportsmen to achieve their agenda. The threat is real. The Alaska Wildlife Alliance has asked that they be allowed to sit in position on our Fish and Game Board so that wildlife,"will have a voice." Look at their website, you'll get all the information that you need.

This isn't only a white man's issue, I encourage all Native people to band with all residents of Alaska to vote against their proposition as they demand prosecution of your hunting and your heritage means little to nothing.

Don't be duped, this is only a start, anything can be proven by polls with a spin on words. They want all hunting and fishing to be stopped and we can't afford to give any ground to the anti's. They claim it isn't "fair chase." ( To them it doesn't matter) but for those whose hips, knees or hearts or lungs are bad a climb to high meadows will never be possible. Unethical? I can't imagine anything more unethical than to take the life of a female or juvenile and using a bait stand eliminates such. Understand the issue and what is behind it.

Frank Kish
Palmer, AK - USA


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