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Unfit to serve, definitely unfit to command
by David Martin


October 27, 2004

I wonder if anyone out there has read Steve Dunleavy's column in the New York Post Tuesday? This is the perspective of a Father, nay, a FAMILY, sending their Son to serve in Iraq. The comments he makes about the treasonous and scary John Kerry are in my opinion, right on the mark.

John Kerry is unfit to serve, definitely unfit to command, and quite possibly guilty of "providing comfort and succor to the enemy." John Kerry would outsource American security to the "Approval" of foreign governments such as the one in Paris. Oh wait, just because he said it in the debates, doesn't mean it's actually what he will do, oh wait maybe it is. Which version of John Kerry is trying to get elected? Version 2.0? Version 2.1 with the critical update patch?

Hmmmmmmm waffles anyone?

David Martin
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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