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Join Me In Voting For Dawn Allen-Herron
by Karen Pitcher


October 26, 2004

My first memory of Dawn Allen-Herron goes back many years to a monthly meeting of the Rainy Day Quilters Guild. The guild was a much smaller group then. As we went around our circle, sharing the projects we were working on, Dawn shared with us her enthusiasm for Ketchikan. She was new to the community, here on just a temporary basis at the time, but she was so impressed with all that Ketchikan had to offer and the wonderful people she had met here. Fortunately for Ketchikan, Dawn and her husband chose to return to Ketchikan and make it their permanent home.

Through the years I have observed Dawn to be an open and friendly person who is extremely creative and always very committed to the projects and issues she is working on. I believe she is a person who truly cares about people as well as our community. These are qualities which will serve us well if she is elected to represent District 1 in the State House. I believe she will be a new and welcome voice in the legislature. I hope you will join me in voting for Dawn Allen-Herron on Nov. 2.

Karen Pitcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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