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Vote Dawn Allen-Herron
by Geri Brady Kelly


October 26, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am a registered nurse who has worked in healthcare in Ketchikan for twenty-six years. I care deeply about the health of our community. That is why I am voting for Dawn Allen-Herron for state house.

I've seen how state programs such as Denali Kid Care and Public Health Nursing help improve the health of our community. I remember how families struggled to provide health care to their kids before Denali Kid Care. We have all seen improvement in the health of our children because Denali Kid Care allows them access to health care. Public Health Nurses give us our flu shots, educate us regarding health issues, offer women's health services and well child checks and prior to this years budget cuts they held clinics offering foot care to our elders, just to mention a few of the important services offered. These programs have been deeply cut by those in Juneau who spare the budgets of groups with powerful lobbyists while neglecting our state's children and working families. Unfortunately, our children and working families do not have lobbyists to speak for them. During the KRBD call in forum between Dawn and her opponent Jim Elkins it was clear that Jim (a former lobbyist) did not know the impact these cuts are having on the health of Alaskan families. He left me feeling that he did not understand what Public Health Nurses do or what Denali Kid care is. This election is not all "about the Party", as Mr Elkins would have us believe; it is about the issues, very serious issues that will affect Alaskans for generations.

Dawn takes the time to speak with and listen to nurses and other health care professionals and she understands the health needs of our community. As a member of the executive board of the Alaska Nurses Association, I am proud to say Dawn has earned our endorsement by showing her support for the health of Alaska's working families. I encourage you to vote for Dawn Allen-Herron. A vote for her is a vote for a healthy community.


Geri Brady Kelly, RNC
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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