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Seafood Producers Cooperative Endorses Lisa Murkowski
by Tom McLaughlin


October 25, 2004

Seafood Producers Cooperative is pleased to endorse Lisa Murkowski as the most qualified candidate for United States Senator from the State of Alaska. Seafood Producers Cooperative is the largest fishermen owned co-op in the United States with over 500 members. Our processing facility is in Sitka.

During Senator Murkowski's term, she has demonstrated her willingness to fight for the Alaskan fishermen and their families. Senator Murkowski's re-election deserves support because of her willingness to face complex challenges and critical questions regarding unfair trade, opposition to environmentally dangerous fish farming, and overall willingness to address the issues regarding Alaska's most important industry.

We appreciate the support of Senator Murkowski and look forward to her continued leadership in addressing issues that have a significant impact on all Alaskans. Alaska needs strong leadership to continue to fight to preserve our livelihoods and economic wellbeing.


Tom McLaughlin
Seafood Producers Cooperative
Sitka, AK - USA



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