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Bypass Litter Bugs
by Thomas Ferry


October 25, 2004

Thank you Shauna Lee!!! I live right below the bypass wall, and I am the recipient of all the trash people throw over. There would be a lot more trash to see but I have been picking it up for over a month since the road opened. I am keeping it in a bag to deliver to someone in charge.
jpg fence

So far no one wants to take responsibility for designing a road like this without a chain-link fence that curves in at the top like the ones used on freeway overpasses down south. Before the road was even constructed I wrote to the state twice about my concerns about the trash that was going to come raining down on my home. Every night punks and hicks, and other trash bugs are pelting my cars and house with rocks chunks of rebar and other objects. So far my truck is the main object. It was hit twice with chunks of rebar. I chased and caught up with the culprits and warned them.

Punks walking along go to the other side of the road for ammo (rocks) then start throwing them at my home. I have collected McDonalds, Taco Time, coffee cups, Wal-mart bags, pop cans, beer cans, energy drink containers and on and on. I told the state in my letter that it will turn into another Water Street or Dunton Street. All one has to do is look below them and see the carnage. There are even shopping carts hurled overboard.

I watched the other day as kids dangled over the side in a dare!! And a month ago a mother had her toddler standing on top of the foolish unsafe and probably illegal handrail. I yelled at her and she moved on. I have spoken to the people in charge and they tell me that the reason there is no chain-link fence is that the designers want people to have a view, come on! You can see through a chain-link fence just fine, the whole purpose of the road is to get from point a to point b not to have traffic impeded by lookey-loos snapping photos.

Right now there are responsible people who work for the state that wanted and still want a chain-link fence, the ones who don't are the road's chief designer who says no way and city works director Harvey Hansen.

Will it take a tragedy before it is put up? I am keeping a journal of all the incidents and keeping bags of all the trash. I will not be putting up with all this forever, if you lived below the wall you would feel the same! Some one do something!!!


Thomas Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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