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Ludicrous items that need to be argued
by Robert Fruehan


October 25, 2004

The federal government in its desire to attack pollution have come up with some ludicrous items that really need to be argued. The disposing of salt water that has touched fish being considered processing waste and being required to be treated and then pumped back into the same body of water that it came out of is asinine.

I think if the federal government wants to get everyone in compliance with the "ridiculous" then the same government should subsidize the cost. The EPA imposes heavy fines for allowing salt water and fish slime to go back into the ocean, what is wrong with this picture? The fish swim in the same water and with the same slime, how can it be construed as "waste"? Let's get real and attack something that actually does harm to the ecosystem!

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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