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Landis Supporter
by Eliasica Timmerman


October 25, 2004

I'd like to express my support of David Landis for State Senate.  I am an Alaska Native and am impressed with David's efforts to work and interact with my community.  I am a mother, wife, and lifetime resident of Ketchikan. 

I have had numerous experiences with David Landis and find him to be a very open-minded individual that will listen to my concerns.  He is fair and has the ability to see beyond stereotypes and party affiliations.  I have faith and confidence in his ability to represent our diverse district.  I also encourage him to go even further someday in his endeavors to serve people.

We need more folks like David Landis in office that listen and respond to the needs of the communities they represent.

Simply put, I strongly believe David Landis is the right person for our State Senator and I will confidently vote for him on November 2nd!


Eliasica Timmerman
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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